The Spirit Of The Age

Many people don’t realize that vodka was only introduced to the greater American public in 1939 – the same year that World War II began. In the ensuing decades, vodka has gone from a completely unknown liquor to America’s favorite spirit, accounting for over a third of all liquor sales in the US.

The Spirit Of Vegas

In the world of nightlife, vodka has become the de facto spirit consumed by nightclub patrons with VIP table service. In cities like New York, London, Miami, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, nightclubs charge hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for the exact same bottles of vodka that can be purchased less than a mile away from the nightclub in a corner liquor store.

The Spirit Of Our Brand

BEBI Vodka was born with the meeting of Vin Armani and master distiller – founder of Las Vegas DistilleryGeorge Racz. The two men endeavored to create a spirit that would be the vodka equivalent of an XO Cognac – a spirit that could be served in the finest venues in Las Vegas and would be worth the price being charged for the brands currently being served.
The result of their efforts is a product that combines unique bottle design elements (24 karat gold leaf printing) along with a truly extraordinary and rare unfiltered vodka with incomparable smoothness and flavor. To further commemorate that craft and care that goes into the making of BEBI Vodka, each bottle is hand-signed by both Armani and Racz and then personalized for the buyer with a gold-rubbed etching.

BEBI Vodka is more than an ultra-premium liquor, it is an experience like no other.