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BEBI Vodka (Custom Engraved 750ml Bottle)


BEBI Vodka is an unfiltered, micro-distilled, ultra-premium vodka for the true connoisseur. The brand is the creation of Vin Armani  and master distiller George Racz (founder of Las Vegas Distillery). Unfiltered vodkas are extremely rare and can only be produced by a true artisan distilling method. BEBI Vodka is the first and only ultra-premium vodka ever distilled in Las Vegas and is the only vodka in the world distilled from Nevada Wheat and Blue Corn.

Every bottle of BEBI Vodka is a work of art, custom engraved and Tailored by Las Vegas-based designer, Christian Rais. Each bottle is signed by both Vin Armani and master distiller George Racz.


Vodka, unlike barrell-aged spirits, is imbued with it’s flavor profile solely from the grain used and the method and equipment used to distill that grain. Mass-produced vodka’s – even those calling themselves “ultra-premium” – tend to manipulate the profile of their vodka through heavy filtration. This filtration process creates a more neutral (flavorless) spirit. BEBI Vodka is produced in small batches with grains that are hand selected by the master distiller himself. Those grains are then distilled, in small quality-controlled batches. The result is an extremely high-quality vodka that requires no filtration. BEBI Vodka is a unique vodka with a flavor profile that includes notes of vanilla and almond and is as smooth as many barrel-aged spirits.

Drink BEBI Vodka unchilled, neat – as you would your favorite bourbon – and experience what a genuine ultra-premium vodka can, and truly should, be.